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I'm a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC & PCC) helping people get clear on what actually matters to them and create lasting change. 

Before I hung up my coaching shingle, I spent over twenty years working in advertising as an account planner / brand planner / creative strategist / whatever-you-want-to-call-it.  I loved it!  But, over the years I found that my love was shifting away from the work I was doing and towards the people I worked with.  I started to spend more time working with and supporting these folks – my team, my peers, my partners at other agencies or companies, and my clients – helping them find new ways to get to ideas and, more importantly, helping them find ways to get more fulfillment. I decided to lean into it.

I've also spent 25 years teaching and performing improv comedy. I mention it here because the skills we learn in improv not only make us better performers, but also (and more importantly) make use better teammates and better overall human beings: Truly listening to each other, accepting where others are coming from, building together, and creating real trust. 

I also have a master’s degree in Social Psychology with a focus on social cognition and cognitive biases.  On my way to my master’s degree, I conducted experiments digging into our ability to communicate and connect.

I bring all of this experience to bear to create uniquely potent coaching experiences with my clients.

Jason Parker  Coach


"I was feeling stagnant and hungry for a creative change in my professional life. Then I started working with jason, and he proved to be a fantastic guide... He  helped me align my artistic priorities to quickly get to the core of what I wanted. Since we began working together, I've started my own creative business and find myself awash with creative opportunities. I'm definitely happier, more confident, and looking forward to what the future holds!"

Eric, Client

“I can’t thank Jason enough for how much he has impacted my life, my career and my relationships. Jason helped me to find the confidence, clarity and the tools to continue to be successful. I would not have landed the fantastic career opportunity that I have if he had not been part of the journey to help me figure out the course correction that I was looking for in my career. THIS is what a coach should do. I always look forward to and enjoy our conversations as they always are focused, reflective, productive, and supportive."

Garrett, Client

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