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Yup! The world would be better if we all took even just a little bit from the practices of improv.

There would be more collaboration. 

Work would be more fun and engaging.

We would bring more of our creativity.

And, we would forge stronger deeper connections with each other.

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What's this "LABS" thing, you may be wondering. Well, it's a couple of things.

LABS is a handy metaphor for what practicing improv does. Labs are where work is done in a controlled environment before bringing the findings out to be applied in the world. Improv is like that. It’s a way to experiment in a safe controlled setting before going out and applying in the world.

It's why we call it 'practice.'

LABS is also a way to boil down the fundamental principles improv teaches us: Listen, Accept, Build, Support. 

Wow! That's an easy-to-remember acronym! It just so happens these are the very things we're in need of more in our life and work.

Improv builds trust. I've got your back

If you’ve heard anything about improv you’ve most likely heard of “Yes and…”: The fundamental principle that makes it possible to create something out of nothing together.

“Yes and…” is powerful.  It’s transformative.  It’s just the beginning.

Improv is a craft.  It’s a set of skills.  It’s also a mindset. Embracing and really living with this mindset is where lasting change happens.

People become instinctively collaborative and open.
Teams build real trust and work together seamlessly.
And creativity naturally flows.

Improv teaches us how to Listen, Accept, Build, and Support together, better


Improv teaches us how to be real listeners. Actively and with our whole bodies so we can be part of what's happening right now and connect with each other. 


We don't always have to agree with each other, but when we accept what others bring to the table we can move things forward, one step at a time.


We now live and work in a world where collaboration is critical but we aren't really taught how to do this well. Improv gives us ways to build together.


Improv teaches us to have each others' back. We know when we mess up, our team is there to turn mistakes into gifts.

From one-on-one or team coaching to facilitating a half-day workshop to ongoing organizational training, my Improv LABS programs get folks playing together to create real momentum and change.

improv training


Whether it's a new team coming together or an established team that needs some new energy, Improv LABS helps teams get stronger, faster, better.​


Improv LABS unlocks new levels of creativity by building up the muscles that help us act on intuitive leaps, show up courageously, and take some risks. 


How we show up and connect with others is a craft we can learn. Improv LABS is perfect for learning and practicing this craft.​

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You gotta take the learning out of the lab and into the world. Here're some ways to bring improv practices to help in your work and your life.

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