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Whether it’s breaking up team dysfunction or transforming high-performing teams into unstoppable forces, strengthening teamwork has a profound impact on culture and growth.  

What you'll get FROM WORKING With me

A human approach.  I treat each team member as a whole human being and bring a human approach to fostering teamwork. Ultimately, helping everyone feel confident in bringing bold, new and innovative ideas to help everyone thrive.

An understanding of the unique dynamics of creative teams but with an approach designed uniquely for your team.

A focus stronger connections and deeper trust, the foundation for better communication and better performance.

Help in creating true collaboration for your team, where it becomes a way of working not just something that happens a once-in-a-while.


Your organization values creativity. Creativity comes in many forms.  When the organization can recognize and appreciate creativity, teams are able to create more powerful and successful solutions.

You recognize the potential within your team.  

You are open to letting your team explore topics outside of the work-related.  Team creativity and collaboration thrive when team members can bring all of themselves to their work and their teammates.

How we start crafting change with your team

It starts with a conversation. No fee. No fuss. No pressure. It's a chance for you to share what's going on with your team, your goals and what you imagine change will bring.

Moving forward together, we craft an approach suited to your team's unique needs.  This can include group coaching, individual team member coaching, team training or a combo of these.

However we move forward, my aim remains the same - to help your team craft and keep the change that's needed.

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