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Individual Coaching


It doesn’t matter where you work or what title you have or even your role, if you consider yourself a Creative Pro then you are one.

What you'll get FROM working with me

A focus on the whole “you”.  Who you are at work, in life, at home, with friends, or wherever you are is still all “you.”  In fact, the more of “you” that you can bring to whatever you’re doing, the better – for you and for the world.

I'm your advocate.  I care about you and what you want to accomplish. It's not about me, it's about what works best for you and your creativity.

Clarity on what you actually care about.  I help you uncover your true values and help you find ways forward that are in line with those values. When we're clear on what we care about - in work and in life - so much opens up for us.

Creative solutions. I bring my experience as a Creative Pro and expertise in creativity and creative problem solving to help you design real paths forward in creating your change.  We talk and we act.


You know that you are ready to own the change you want to craft.  You may not know “how, “what” or “why” but knowing “that” is the biggest first step.  We’ll figure out the rest together.

You are willing to do the work.  It’s your change you’re crafting.  You can make it as great as you want.

You feel some connection to my story and I feel some connection to yours’.  We don’t have to have the same background and experience, but it’s important that we both feel some resonance with where we’re each coming from.

You are ok with productive provocation. We grow from challenges. If you’re willing to stretch and experiment, I’ll be there with you along the way.

How we start crafting your change

It starts with a conversation. No fee. No fuss. No pressure. It's a chance for you to share what you want to change and for us to get a feel for how we'd work together.

Moving forward, we craft the way we want to work based on what you need.  My aim is to help you create the change you want as soon as you want.

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