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IMPROV IS A WONDERFUL PERFORMING ART FORM THAT ALSO TEACHES US PRACTICES AND PRINCIPLES THAT CAN HELP US IN WORK, LIFE AND EVEN IN OUR COACHING. As we strive for mastery in our coaching, the craft of improv can reinforce and even unlock new ways to connect with and serve our clients.

No need to ask yourself when you can ask me.

Well, since you asked... these are just a few ways the craft of improv helps us serve our clients.





Being truly present, attentive, and listening with our whole bodies.

Holding what our partner (i.e. client) says as true and a gift.

Having their back while serving the scene (i.e. “their agenda”).

Collaborating to create momentum, in the moment.

If you're game for playing, read on!

If you want to know more about me, click here.

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6 weeks.

Over Zoom.

Costs $150 (all in).

Fun and full of play!

For those of you new to improv or want a refresher, this is the place to start.  We'll cover fundamentals of improv through games and scenework, all the while reinforcing how what we're learning applies to coaching.

If you've already done one of my intro courses, then this is where you go next (that's my nice way of saying the Intro Course is a prerequisite). We'll get even further into scenework and dig deeper into principles to hone our craft for our clients.

You might have noticed that the Advancing Improv for Coaches starts a couple of weeks after the end of the Intro to Improv for Coaches. That's for a bit of my own sanity, but really it's so that if you're game to join Advancing after taking Intro, you have time.

So, feel free to sign up for both if you know you'll want to do both. Or reserve judgment. I won't hold it against you.

Interested but can't make the dates, then give a shout! 

We'll have more coming and I'd love to keep you included.

You don't have to take my word for it...

“I had a passing knowledge of improv prior, having taken 2 drop-in classes, but/and this took my understanding to a whole new level and showed me how much the spirit of improv can be used for effective communication in any context (i.e. personal, business, coaching relationships)! I want more!”

Amy: CPCC, Designing Your Life Coach, BetterUp Coach


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